Urban & Burt, LTD. Client Recoveries

Plaintiff rear ended while stopped on I-80 for construction by “Distracted” driver, air-lifted to trauma center $100,000 (policy) paid plus $52,000 underinsured policy paid.
Landlord failed to properly maintain apartment causing a portion of the drywall ceiling to fall on tenant. Tenant received $125,000 as a result of injury to his shoulder.
$100,000 settlement paid for child injured on bicycle who was struck by car while in crosswalk.
Workers comp award of $77,985 for back injury at furniture store from lifting furniture.
Estate of elderly immigrant struck and killed by snow plow clearing grocery store parking lot receives insurance policy limit of $500,000.
$1 million paid by trucking company for multi car accident on I-294. Jaws of Life used to cut out two passengers from car.
Dental malpractice where dentist caused injury to nerve while doing dental implant settled for $20,000 just before start of Federal Court trial.
Client received injury to foot while getting pedicure settled for $20,000
Illinois Industrial Commission awarded $230,000 after trial for injury to cervical spine lifting at work.
Client tripped in hole in floor at work and suffered labrum tear and tendon tear $65,000 paid by workers comp insurance carrier.
Client receives $750,000 for eye injury caused by exploding Takata airbag.
Young mother awarded $38,000 by jury for back sprain caused by rear end collision.
Wrongful death of senior who was passenger in a car. Death Caused by driver distracted using cell phone. Drivers insurance carrier paid $50,000 policy limit. Additional $300,000 policy limit recovered from plaintiff’s underinsured motorist policy for decedents’ estate.
Work injury of Meniscal and ACL tears, surgery, while putting tarp on truck $115,000 paid by workers compensation insurance carrier.
Slip and fall at grocery store settled for $150,000 hit head, and sustained disruption of ACL Knee injury.
$105,000 paid to employee who was pulling a pallet at work and sustained medial meniscus tear.
Plaintiff recovers $150,000 for back injury sustained when she was hit by grocery store employee moving shopping carts in grocery store parking lot.
High school girl bullied and assaulted by classmate. Parents and insurance company paid $25,000 settlement.
Elderly lady hit by truck in church parking lot sustained bruises $20,000 settlement paid by drivers’ insurance company.
High school student awarded $30,000 for partial meniscus tear for injury sustained on school bus which was struck by car.
Passenger suffers broken wrist in car accident $72,500 paid by insurance company.
In excess of $1 million paid by Japanese auto maker to settle case of college student who suffered abdominal injury caused by defective design of seatbelt. Insurance company for at fault driver who crossed center line causing accident paid their policy limit of $200,000.
Client hit by uninsured driver under the influence of alcohol and drugs on Interstate I-80. Client required surgery to his back. Surgery was fully paid by his health and welfare benefits fund. Uninsured Motorist Policy paid an additional $230,000 to plaintiff.